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In January of 2015, the Stockholm Zontians start their nineth mentorship program for professional women. Since 2006 more than 165 adepts have participated in the mentorship program initiated by Zonta Club of Stockholm VI in Sweden. The adepts are female leaders from big and small companies in different business sectors and organisations as well as entrepreneurs with their own companies.

The vision for the mentorship program is to create a dynamic progress for all participants and to give the young female professionals access to the competence and the strong network that Zonta offers. The mentorship program is run by a project team and is supported by the eight Zonta clubs in Stockholm. It is also from these clubs that the program recruits its mentors. The Zontians who are mentors are set up as volunteers and therefore generates a large support.

The program is carried out during nine months. The mentors and their adepts meet approximately 90 to 120 minutes each month for individual conversations. The mentors receive tutoring during the whole course of the program. The mentorship program includes joint meetings for all adepts and mentors at four occasions. During these meetings the participants enjoy lectures about subjects such as gender studies, leadership, management, branding, communication and personal development. The lectures are given by Zontians with expertise within the different areas and the meetings end with dinner.

The adepts pay a fee for the program, with higher fee if the employer pays. The mentorship program generates between $10.000 -14.000 dollars in profit, which goes to local projects for women, as well as to Zonta’s international projects. The mentorship program is therefore a win-win project – for the adepts and mentors as well as other women.

The Zontians responsible for the mentorship program are Sara Henryson, executive recruiter, Agneta Siberg, market research manager, and Gunhild Sällvin, senior information consultant, all members of Zonta Club of Stockholm VI.

For more information please contact Gunhild Sällvin at

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