About the Club

Charternr: 1327

Charterday: June 24, 1991

Clumeeting: 1st Wed of the month (except June, July & August)

PG 54 37 33-0

e-mail: stockholm5@zonta21.org


The club was established on 24 June 1991 in order to greet new members welcome from Stockholm's southern suburbs. The club has a broad representation of business leaders, academics, government and creative professions. The first President was Professor Annika Isberg. Charter Night was held on 5 October at the Vasa Museum.

Club presidents

1991-1993 Annika Isberg

1993-1995 Eva Svanborg

1995-1997 Birgitta Kolmodin-Hedman

1997-1999 Nina Arreholt

1999-2001 Nina Haglund

2001-2003 Ingegerd Peterson

2003-2005 Stina Söderberg

2005-2007 Ljúfa Elfwing

2007-2009 Katarina Ek-Nilsson

2009 - 2011 Eva Tärnfors

2011-2013 Ingegärd Ångstrom

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