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WonderWoman Art Bra - a Socially Active Exhibition

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Zonta Club of Riga (chartered in 1993) participates at multiple events targeted in Zonta International mission. The Club members raise awareness in  women problems and advocacy by various means. Velta Raudzepa, Zonta Club of Riga charter member and PAD 06 District 21 works for the Decorative Art and Design Museum. She manages multiple international art exhibitions and her latest project involved the Club to support women artists from Central America in their unusaul manifestation of acute aspects of woman’s life.

Velta Raudzepa writes: „The exhibition WonderWoman Art Bra – an event of the 5th Riga International Textile and Fiber Art Triennial (23 April-6 June 2015)  is not only a simple art exhibition. It represents a socially active form of the exhibition – it is an action supporting woman’s rights and health.

The exhibition has traveled to Riga from Central America. Forty artists from Central American countries – Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Uruguay, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, as well as Canada and Spain, show the characteristic vitality of colours and emotions, as well as the multiple spectrum  of natural materials, metal, wood fiber, clay, cotton, paper, synthetic fiber, etc.

All the conceptual art work is united by the symbolic shape of a bra. While, the main thematic accents of the exhibition speak about the woman in a broad scale: from its initial mission – to be a loving woman, the mother and the keeper of the hearth – to the very acute, often concealed and rarely expressed theme in art: violence against the woman, violence at home,   as well as that suffering caused to the woman in any country, in any continent  by the words - breast cancer. This theme in particular has been addressed by the artists in this exhibition.

The author of the exhibition’s idea is the Costa Rican artist Alejandra Gutiérrez Moya who took part with her art work "Wonderbra" and received a recognition award in 2010, at the 4th Riga International Textile and Fibre Art Triennial "Global Intrigue II". For many years, Alejandra Gutiérrez Moya has led the international movement in the Central American countries to encourage an active public attitude in the fight against breast cancer.”

The Zonta Club of Riga supported the exhibition and chose three art bras that expressed the most painful suffering – breast cancer.

1. Hope and Fear, 2015 - Doreen Bayley, born 1945, Uruguay.

2. Not Pinky, 2015 – Montserrat Mesalles Vargas, born 1959, Costa Rica.

3. Fragment of Life, 2015 – Lucia Panizza, born 1993, Uruguay.

The exhibition reached its aim – it caused serious reflections and motivated the audience to share – to a have dialogue about the artist concepts”.

The supplement shows a photo-report from the exhibition WonderWoman Art Bra.

Prepared by Iveta Ribena, Zonta Club of Riga, PAD D21 ZI



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